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Established in 2012, Titania Publishing is an independent publisher specialising in bringing books neglected by mainstream publishers to the attention of readers who are looking for something out of the ordinary. The books featured here cover a range of genres including literary fiction and non-fiction, but what they all have in common is that they are challenging and thought provoking.

Gone to Look for America

by Jacobus Rawley

Gone to Look for America is the third sequel to the trilogy which began with A Fraternal Attraction, and continues the taboo theme of a forbidden romance between two brothers. The town and its inhabitants feature largely, with much of the social interaction taking place on the front porches of various residents. Like the song from which it takes its title, the novel is an elegy to lost innocence but above all it is about a nation’s dreams and unfulfilled possibilities: “It sometimes seemed like all the townsfolk were dreaming about something they once had or wanted to possess…they were all yearning for something indefinable – each in their own way trying to arrest the march of time.”  See more…..

The Longest Acquaintance

by Jacobus Rawley

The Longest Acquaintance is the exciting new sequel to A Fraternal Attraction – the story of a forbidden romance between two brothers – and picks up the story at the point where the previous book concludes.

As an evocative portrait of small-town America in the 1960s, the narrative focuses on the pivotal relationships within the immediate family and those of the wider community. In this sequel the two brothers embark on an adventurous camping trip through the wilderness and remote canyons of the Appalachians.
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A Fraternal Attraction

by Jacobus Rawley

Set in Kentucky in the 1960s, A Fraternal Attraction is the story of a burgeoning love affair between two brothers. Rob, fresh out of Senior High, finds himself falling in love with his older brother Luke, who has just returned from a 2-year tour of duty in Vietnam. In desperation, he confides his secret passion to Loubelle, owner of a bakery and repository of the town secrets. Together they embark on an ambitious campaign to seduce the tough ex-soldier, but things start to get out of hand as the brothers’ mutual fascination with each other snowballs into something more unmanageable and dangerous.
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Albion Imperilled

by Ruth Thomas

A Fairytale for Grownups….

A compelling fantasy concerning four children (now fully-grown) who stumble upon the threshold to a magical domain. Delightfully old-fashioned, the action shifts between Britain in the 1950s where the children are at boarding school and the year 2000. As a “fairy-tale for grownups” the book may be read on two levels, either as an imaginative fantasy or as a satirical commentary on contemporary Britain. Narnia with a difference! See more….

We Wove a Web in Childhood

by Ruth Thomas

The Brontes at Home

Much of the existing literature about the Brontes tends to focus on the sisters, but Ruth Thomas has succeeded in bringing each family member to life, including their brilliant and volatile brother Branwell and their scholarly father: the claustrophobic atmosphere at Haworth parsonage is skilfully evoked, with biographical material cleverly juxtaposed with vividly imagined episodes. See more….

I Just Kept Walking

by Cass Ryder

20 Years Homeless

The true and harrowing story of a woman who has survived over 20 years of homelessness in the United States. The author’s sister says in her Foreword: “This is the tragic story of my own sister now in her 50s, and whom I am desperately trying to persuade to come home… to my knowledge no person who has been living on the streets for this length of time has been articulate enough to write about the experience, and her journal stands as a testimony of one woman’s resilience and her survival tactics in the face of almost insuperable odds.” See more….

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